Nurse’s Creative Headshots Session!

Natchez Portrait Photographer - Creative Commercial Photographer

R.N. Tye Murray in a creative portrait!

When nurse Tye Murray contacted us for headshots, we were quickly becoming excited. Furthermore, as Tye began to describe for us the variety of images she was going for, it gave us creative ideas. Tye also writes about nursing and medical issues. Thus, in addition to a range of professional headshots, she was also wanting a few images that would supplement her writing in creative ways.

During pre-session consultations with Tye, WE WERE LISTENING CLOSELY. Importantly, our focus upon what she wanted for her images’ end usage is crucial to how we create portraits. In addition, we honed-in on the style and feel of the images she was hoping to get. Significantly, listening to our clients’ wishes and truly understanding their goals for their images is a CORE VALUE of our photography and imaging studio. 

Our Subject-Centered Approach is Unique!

Natchez Portrait Photographer - Creative Commercial Photographer

Shown here: Tye in a more traditional headshot but one with a unique-colored backdrop.

Importantly, our first goal is to clearly understand what clients like Tye are wanting. Consequently, that informs HOW we go about accomplishing their goals. Frankly, that’s an inverse approach to what happens with many portrait photographers. Too often, photographers will fit a client’s wishes into their own stricter template of image creation. 

Instead, our approach is a “subject-centered” one that truly begins with our client. First, we learn who they are and how they naturally express themselves. Second, we focus upon what they are passionate about. In this process we learn much about how to create their images unique to them. Of course, we guide them with creative and innovative suggestions. The point is, this process and approach makes for a truly collaborative effort. This approach is centered upon capturing them as unique individuals expressing their unique personality. As a result, photographs done in such a way can become precious pieces of image-art. Ultimately, Tye’s images capture her in a moment of her life that can be treasured and passed down!



Passing On the Latest Hot Trends To Locals!

The image directly above is a classic headshot. However, what is unusual is the “cocoa” background. Notably, this particular background was chosen for Tye due to her blonde hair and light-colored sweater. Furthermore, cocoa backdrops are more popular in other parts of the country but have not been utilized much locally. Finally, we keep a keen eye on the latest portrait trends so Natchez – Vidalia residents look their best!

We can help you with creative portraits of yourself, or with commercial photography for your business. Contact us for a free consultation!

“Creating Images That Tell Amazing Stories!”

Natchez Portrait Photographer – Creative Commercial Photographer

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