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Digital Photography Classes – Natchez, MS


I hold occasional classes and workshops on various aspects of Digital Photography. Presently, my “Basics of Digital Photography 101 Course” is a core class offering. Consequently, this course has helped dozens in the Natchez area get a solid foundation of using their cameras!


Next, for more seasoned photographers who already know how to use their camera well, I also offer higher level courses. The Level 201 & 301 COURSES are designed to help you add particular skill sets to your photography ability. Additionally, I offer Retouching Courses on Adobe programs such as Lightroom and Photoshop.


Whichever camera you have is okay for this course!



Basics of Digital Photography 101

Finally, a way to take creative control of your image-making by learning how to get off Auto Mode and into Manual Mode is available to you in Natchez!

Moreover, this fundamentals course is very comprehensive in scope, because there is so much to know when getting started with a digital camera. Be that as it may, don’t let that stop you! For this reason, this course is geared to present the information to you in an easy to understand way, and at a pace that makes it easy to digest. Furthermore, I’m right there to answer your questions.



1. Get you comfortable with your own camera, its settings, menu options and operating it quickly and efficiently. 

2. Provide you with a solid understanding of all of the CORE FUNDAMENTALS of digital photography so you can capture amazing photographs more consistently.

3. Get you shooting in MANUAL MODE so you can truly begin to take creative control of your camera to get the kinds of images that Auto Mode will never be able to get.



By and large, most every class I hold operates around six to eight hours of instruction. As a consequence, the times a particular class is held vary from class to class in order to accommodate different peoples’ schedules. Presently, the most typical time structure is to hold four 1 &1/2-hour modules, held one evening a week for four consecutive weeks. Occasionally, classes are held in one day (on a Saturday) so that folks from out of town can drive in. Moreover, individual one-on-one tutoring is also available at $50 per session for an hour and a half instruction.

Print handouts are given in each class for you to follow along with the instruction. Moreover, demonstrations using the equipment and slides or illustrations are also part of the teaching. Finally, class times for the four-week structure are normally from 6pm to 7:30pm or so. The Saturday one-day course time is 9am – 6pm with a break for lunch. Cost is $135 per person. This must be paid up front and there are no refunds for missed classes. Email me or contact me on social media if you want on a class’s contact list.  



What is Digital photography? How are DSLR and DSLM cameras different?

How the camera works, its major parts, and why it matters to know  

The “Exposure Triangle” (ISO, Shutter Speed & Aperture)

The “Creative Triangle” -(Grain/Noise, Depth of Field & Freezing the Action) 

What a “Stop” is

White Balance; Focus Mode, and Focus Point

Various shooting “modes” 

Camera menus, dials, knobs

File Types and SD/CF Cards (including shooting in .jpeg & RAW) 

Proper camera holding and posture and how it affects the quality of your shot

The 3 Important Stages of Image Making 

Compositional basics 

Intro to Genres (such as portraiture, landscape, event, fashion, etc.)

Retouching software options

Workflow and how to set-up an effective and thorough process 

Lens Basics

Equipment such as tripods, cases, hoods and straps

Photography terms and industry lingo that’s useful to know

and more…




Once the fundamentals are grasped it’s time to get more in-depth! At this point it’s time to drill down into all three phases of making an image: pre-production, production and post-production. Accordingly, in intermediate and advanced level classes I cover techniques targeted to a particular skill set. Presently these include classes such as using filters, applied light, HDR, time-lapse, panoramas, bracketing, astrophotography, and so forth.

Similarly, some of the course offerings focus upon post-production editing and retouching. These include using Adobe apps such as Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC, and Premiere Pro CC, with sections on the Wacom Intuos tablet. Finally, 301 Level Classes on more advanced editing techniques such as focus-stacking, frequency separation, luminosity masks, and alpha channels are available as desired.

201 Courses:

Applied Lighting Course (Speed Lights, Studio Strobes & Reflectors)


HDR & Panoramas


Filters (Polarizing, Neutral Density and Graduated Neutral Density) 


Adobe Lightroom CC (Library & Develop Modules)

Adobe Photoshop CC (Intro & Basics)


Presently I also offer individualized one-on-one tutoring sessions. These sessions are by appointment according to your schedule and mine. No doubt I’ve found that many people prefer a “hands-on” approach to learning. In addition, they want someone right there beside them to helps them get past frustrating roadblocks. In fact, it’s very common to experience frustrating situations in learning to use a digital camera. Therefore, if this is something you are interested in, contact me and let’s get you on the path to smooth operation of your camera or learning a new skill set. On the other hand, if you prefer taking a Course with others, I can put you on a Course’s contact list to give you a heads up when it becomes scheduled.


Digital Photography Classes - Natchez, MS

Nikon SB910 Speedlites & Pocket Wizard radio triggers and controllers

“Even though I already understood the fundamentals of my camera and know how to shoot in manual mode, your class has given me a deeper understanding of the essentials of DSLR photography…and in a very easy to understand format. I appreciate your willingness to answer any and all questions during the class and demonstrating the key concepts with simple, yet informative examples. I always left the class learning something new and ready to put it into action as soon as I got the chance. As an instructor, you always go the extra mile to ensure that I understand the material, even making yourself available after the class for emails, Facebook messages, and feedback on my photos. Can’t wait to take the next class!”

Pam McGee Swayze

Educator, Catahoula Parish School Board

“I took Mike’s DSLR photography 101 class earlier this year and really enjoyed it. Mike is an excellent teacher. He takes time to make sure everyone is “getting it” and provides plenty of time for questions and practice. His lectures were lively and entertaining. He put his lesson up on a big video screen where everyone could see it well. His handouts were detailed and descriptive. He brought different types of cameras and camera equipment as props. His class was very thorough and I feel like I finally have the basic skills to take my DSLR out of auto mode and really use it like it is meant to be used. A great basic DSLR photography class you don’t want to miss.”

Danielle Saxon

Registered Nurse, Oschner Health System

“As we concluded our last Photography Basics 101 Class last night I would like to say “THANK YOU”. I must say I have a greater understanding of my camera, lighting, composition, and basic photography. I have taken two other photography classes in the past, but after completing your class I no longer feel intimidated by my camera. You have me seeing things in a whole different light. Thanks again, and I can’t wait to begin 201!”

Phyllis Paul Beach

R.N. and Medical Administrator


  • 8 Hours of instruction during the run of the Course

  • 1 hour of additional 1-on-1 time just with you (must be scheduled), in the field or in studio

  • Demonstrations using the gear

  • Print handouts that you can take home and study

  • Online courses are great, but you have me to ask your own specific questions & show you how to’s 

  • Access to an online secret Facebook page where students can ask additional questions and post photos

  • Access to my video instructions on certain “difficult” sections so you can watch at your own pace

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