Michael Chapman

“I am a visual artist … a storyteller who tells stories with the images I make.”


I’m a visual artist residing in Natchez, Mississippi, an arts & cultural center with a long and storied history. Incidentally, the city sits high atop three-hundred foot cliffs overlooking Ol’ Man River, the mighty Mississippi. In fact, Natchez recently celebrated its 300 year tricentennial in 2016. As a result, the beauty, the people, and the culture of my hometown of Natchez offer plenty of artistic opportunity. Similarly, this is true of my home State of Mississippi and neighboring Louisiana. Ultimately, all of these have had a profound influence upon my vision and approach to the visual media I am so passionate about.


Ultimately, to make you and your family look amazing and to capture a precious memory in a very special and unique way. Similarly, to present your product & business through visuals that makes it extremely attractive to buyers, and adds quality and professionalism to your branding and image. To tell your story in a manner that no one else has. Finally, to create your visuals with creativity, quality, uniqueness, and with a WOW factor.



Producing powerful, high-quality visuals that tell the stories that you wish to convey to your customers, your friends, and your family.



Going deep … to take an adventurous peek into the essence of my subject or whatever I am depicting, whether with still images, motion, or graphics. Like Toto pulling back the curtain in Oz, I am passionate about telling stories that convey the profound beauty of this amazing universe, and reveal that there is much more going on than what meets the eye.



Born in raised in Natchez, Mississippi, I returned to my hometown in 2002 after living in both western and eastern Europe and various locations around the U.S. for many years. Incidentally, my background in photography goes back to journalism classes in High School, where I learned 35mm SLR film photography under photojournalist and instructor Charles Ross. No doubt, he was the person who planted the idea of and love for photography and image making (and not just “taking pics”) deep within me. Afterward, a few years later I was lugging my beloved Canon AE-1 and several lenses all over Europe. I was stationed in West Germany as a soldier there in the 1980’s.


Going Digital

In the 1990’s I took up the digital side of things, using a Nikon camera that did a particularly good job with macro photography. At the time, I co-owned an import-export Russian jewelry and folk-art business. Therefore, I often took close-up product photos of the items so that we could present them and sell them over the Internet on our e-commerce website.

Additionally, as a child and throughout my formative years, I enjoyed expressing myself artistically and creatively in some medium, whether it was sketching, painting, writing, or using a camera. Presently, that creativity is mainly centered on still photography, photographic art, cinematography, motion video, graphics, and web design.

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Photography Videography Website Design – About Me & What I Do

Six Things About Me:

Family & Friends

My life has always centered upon the relationships I have with my children, parents, siblings, friends, and extended family. Accordingly, they are the source of my greatest joys and delights, triumphs and stumbles, and my perspiration and inspiration.


Sport, Adventure, & Exploring “Stuff”

Actually, whether it’s camping, cycling, scuba diving, skydiving, or parasailing, I’m in my element.I’ve always loved travel, sports, adventure, seeing the world, and exploring history.


Creativity & Outside-the-Box Thinking

Ultimately, being around creative, innovative, people who have focus, passion and purpose energizes me. Moreover, I enjoy making things come to be that otherwise would not have. Therefore, the creative process becomes a very spiritual process for me. Beauty, awe, wonder, and discovering something in a new way captivate my own imagination. In the same way, I like trying to share that with others.


Wide Range of Interests 

My life has led down many paths: a student, carpenter, soldier on an M-1 Abrams tank, deputy sheriff, detective, hand gun instructor, entrepreneur, drummer in bands, retail sales, and construction contracting. I enjoy learning, thinking, growing, and striving for goals … but also working hard, being active, and making things happen. I’m very practical, but I also value the magic and myth of the cosmos we live in.


Glocal at My Core 

Global yet local describes me. Very much a child of Mississippi, I understand full well the stereotypes that surround the land upon which I was born. Someone once said, “Mississippi is to America what Ireland is to the U.K.” The land of poverty, ignorance, and the target of ridicule from the rest of the nation has also produced the envy of it. From musicians and entire genres of music, to writers, poets, actors, dancers, scientists, and astronauts, we have them all. I’ve also lived many years in other States, traveled to over 27 foreign countries, and lived and worked overseas for four years in Germany, Estonia, and Russia where my daughter was born. My understanding of other cultures, their people, and the life experiences shared with them have all influenced my art.


Importance of a Spiritual Life

A person of faith, I’m a Roman Catholic Christian who carefully and thoughtfully chose this faith in my fifties. I have a Master’s in Theology. I believe in Christ. Everything I strive to be, and all that I do is influenced by my worldview (who’s isn’t?) and how I have chosen to answer the age-old questions: Who am I? How did all this get here? And, does my life have any lasting meaning or purpose? I won’t bring up the subject, nor smack you in the head with it. At the same time, it is very much who I am.


Photography Videography Website Design

Thank you for taking the time to read my page, and I hope that you can identify with me and where I’m coming from in some ways. I’m friendly, a pretty good conversationalist, and very conscientious about getting you what you need. I would love to visit with you to discuss your project, and look forward to meeting you soon!

– Mike

“I am so thankful to have Mike on my team as our official Amazing 12 photographer. His professionalism and attention to detail shows in his work and makes my job possible to do. It is such a relief to know that I can leave this part in Mike’s hands and it will be beautifully and professionally done.”

Amanda Hudson, Sfg II

Entrepreneur, Fitness Instructor & Coach, The Amazing 12 of the Miss-Lou

"Mike made photos, as well as recorded and produced a video for me during a grief workshop I held in Natchez. The setting presented some lighting and background challenges, but Mike did an excellent job and the final results were outstanding. He is very professional and it is obvious he has a gift to see light and shadows necessary to produce a great photograph and video. I have used Mike for visuals on several occasions and would highly recommend his work to anyone."

Bob Willis

Author, Sculptor, Grief & Loss Counselor, Edmond, Oklahoma

WHY VISUAL ARTIST? Preferring to call myself a “visual artist or an “image artist” rather than a photographer is due to the fact that I work creatively in several different mediums that produce visual imagery. Photography is indeed the main way I produce my art. However, I also work in video, cinematography, graphic design, photo-artistic art and website design. All of these media produce visuals for a wide array of end-purposes. Furthermore,  “photography” is often misconstrued as being a rather scientific and technical thing rather than fine-art. In my opinion, using Visual Artist helps get across the idea that photographers and those who use cameras and computers to generate images, are very much artists.



Photography Videography Website Design

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