The Solemnity of Priests

Seeing Light in Event & Creative Photography

Seeing Light in Event & Creative Photography


The opportunity for this image resulted from always paying close attention for seeing amazing displays of light. The venue resonated with me due to its tranquil mood and captivating solemnity. The subjects in the image are Roman Catholic priests at a fellow priest’s jubilee, marking his fiftieth year of being ordained in the priesthood.


I was asked by the Church to photograph and video the occasion, which actually was a very great honor. I caught these men in a moment of prayer and deep reflection on what their calling and sacrificial life means … to them … to God … and to those they are called upon to shepherd. We can only imagine what they are thinking, but we can tell that they are focused, at peace, and very serious about their mission. When I was reviewing the images, this one stood out from all the rest. For me, it captures something I treasure in my own life: solitude and deep peace even while surrounded by events, people, and the difficult circumstances that this life often throws at us. It is very apparent that these priests operate out of a core reality that eludes many people, which is to be grounded spiritually and to lead lives with eternal value. I need more of that in my own life. I hope the image speaks to you in a similar and profound way.

This event took place in June of 2014 at Twin Oaks, an antebellum home in Natchez, Mississippi. The image was captured using a Nikon D7100 at f/5.0, ISO 400, 1/30th of a second at a focal length of 92mm (crop sensor), in ambient (available) light only. It was processed with Adobe Lightroom 5. 

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