“Tell the story … and if necessary, use words.”

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The footage for this event was shot during live performances by the Natchez Ballet Academy on November 16 and 17, 2018. Multiple cameras were used including DSLRs such as the Nikon D810 and Canon 70D; as well as utilizing a Panasonic GH5 mirrorless SLR. No less than five cameras were rolling on the action, which allowed us to capture simultaneous wide angle, medium wide, and close-ups from stage left and stage right. Professional level lenses were chosen for their ability to capture stunning color and sharp focus. Sound and audio was recorded using multiple recorders to capture both a main “clean” mix from the sound board, as well as mics set-up on booms to record the crowd, stage foot-falls, and clapping. Post-processing was done using Adobe Premiere Pro 2019 CC on a 27″ iMac 5K Retina and a MacBook Pro. Plural Eyes was used to sync audio and video tracks. Motion-Control gear utilized were several fluid-head video tripods. We can produce many different types of videos & movies, whether music video, business promo, advertisement, commercial, or a documentary movie short film. Michael Chapman Studios: Videographer – Cinematographer: Natchez, MS (This preview is a very small portion of the hour and a half long movie – which was made into a DVD. We also designed the DVD sleeve cover and DVD label, which was printed by Smith Printing in Natchez.)




Event Videography


Filmed in late 2018, this video preview is a more recent example of the quality we put into our event videography projects. Shot in 1080 full high definition (HD) format from multiple camera angles and paired with a quality intro and snappy credits, we can turn your event, recital, reunion … whatever the occasion … into a high-quality movie that you can be proud of, and documents your event with class. [Preview: 1:52]

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(Designed In-House)

The raw footage for this cinematic movie short was recorded September 6 and 7, 2014, using Canon 70D and GoPro Hero 3+ Black cameras. Additionally, post-processing was done using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Motion-Control gear: slider, jib crane, monopod, and a video tripod. The movie also contains a time-lapse sequence. We can produce many different types of movies, whether it is a music video, a business promo video, an advertisement or commercial, or a documentary movie short film. Michael Chapman Studios: Event & Wedding Videographer – Natchez MS


Jefferson County, Mississippi


Almost lost to weather and time, historic Prospect Hill rests in Jefferson County, Mississippi. In my opinion, the film’s images, set to music, allows the antebellum plantation home to tell its own story. Ultimately, others have written enough words. [4:58]

The raw footage was shot on 8/23/2014. Cameras: Canon 70D (Main), Canon 5D Mark II (B roll), GoPro Hero 3+ Black (time-lapse portion). Lenses: Rokinon Cine 8mm, 14mm, & 35mm. P/P editing w/Adobe Premiere Pro & After-Effects CC (1920p x 1080p / 24fps / H264 codec). We can produce many different types of movies, whether it is a music video, a business promo video, an advertisement or commercial, or a documentary movie short film. Michael Chapman Studios: Event & Wedding Videographer – Natchez MS


Natchez, Mississippi


Arlington is an antebellum mansion (built before April 12, 1861), located in Natchez, Mississippi. It is currently ranked 2nd on the State of Mississippi’s most endangered historical sites. [5:07]



Natchez, Mississippi


Recognized as an architectural masterpiece among Roman Catholic churches in the south, it is the spiritual home of a vibrant St. Mary Catholic community today. The construction began in 1842 as the Cathedral of the newly established Diocese of Natchez. The St. Mary congregation takes pride in the basilica’s colorful and prayerful setting, and welcomes visitors from near and distant places. St. Mary Basilica, also antebellum, is the city’s central landmark. [4:19]


Natchez, Mississippi


Dedicated to my family, friends, and my children who live far away who are always in my heart and on my mind. It represents my reflections on family and loved ones who have passed on, in particular my great aunt, my brother, and my father. I also wanted to convey beauty, nature, longing, grief, hope, friendship, faith, creativity, photography; as well as my love of cycling, adventure, and the quest to find oneself. Shot using various cameras over the last few weeks of summer 2014, it includes my friend and training partner Tommy Graves. [5:42]









Time Lapse Sequences


[3:18] A series of time-lapse sequences strung to gather and put to licensed music. Summer of 2014. We can produce many different types of movies, whether it is a music video, a business promo video, an advertisement or commercial, or a documentary movie short film. Michael Chapman Studios: Event & Wedding Videographer – Natchez MS




Steady-Cam Stabilizer

3-Axis Gimbals

Jib Crane / Boom

Slider & Motorized Slider

Video Tripods

Video Monopod

Syrp Genie Motion-Control Device

Professional Aerial Drone (w/ F.A.A. Remote Pilot’s License)


This equipment, which is unmatched in our local area, is utilized to capture the unique, creative movement shots that will set your cinematic movie or video apart. Creative processes in pre-production planning and preparation are leveraged (including storyboarding if necessary), as well as post-production editing & color-grading using industry leading Adobe programs such as Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC as well as syncing products such as Red Giant’s Plural Eyes.


Several Tascam & Zoom preamps & audio recorders along with professional level Sennheiser, Deity, Rode, and Shure microphones are employed for high-quality audio, either as your main audio track, or as a scratch track to sync with your own audio. I can deliver high quality video & audio that you need for your movie. Adobe Audition is used for mixing your sound. When music and sound effects are needed, licensed music (often using The Music Bed) is chosen that perfectly matches the mood of your video.

Event & Wedding Videographer - Natchez MS


To give you an idea of what is available, here is a short, sixteen-second example of the dynamic, unique motion that my jib crane can give to your movie or video. Move far beyond the simplistic pan and zoom camera moves that are old and quite boring. I won’t put your viewers to sleep when I create your video – I will WOW! them with moves like this!





To give you another idea of the dynamic movements that I use, here is a short movie of a flyby past the tower of St. Mary Basilica. Smooth and impressive aerial scenes like this done in high-definition resolution provided by the drone match the smooth scenes on the ground captured by using the slider, crane/jib, video tripod, monopod and steady cam. All together, the capabilities for dynamic and quality movies for your business are boundless!


What’s the Difference?

Event & Wedding Videographer – Natchez MS & Vidalia LA

Business Promo Videos – Movie Short Films – Documentaries – Music Videos



Presumably, videography describes the basic filming of a project that doesn’t have an extensive edit. Similarly, it doesn’t normally have many scene changes or the use of elaborate camera motion techniques. Presently, weddings, plays, recitals and speaking events are common subjects for videography. Additionally, very limited movement of the camera typifies videography. Therefore, with the camera locked down on a video tripod or monopod, panning and zooming are usually the extent of the camera’s movement. Also, scene times between cuts to another scene are typically very long.

Cost versus Quality: Sometimes Lower Cost Wins

Moreover, in videography not much effort is spent on getting high quality audio, just sufficient audio quality. Finally, the editing process is usually much more simplified. Truth be told, the driving force in videography is to record the event at a minimum of expense. With that said, there is certainly a valid and useful place for video and videography. Ultimately, it is almost always less expensive than a more cinematic film. Presumably, the final edited version can be produced quickly because editing is minimal. By and large, use this explanation of videography as guideline rather than an exact definition. Ironically, “video” and “videography” can also be used broadly to describe any video, movie or cinematic effort. 


Cinema, short for cinematography, has much more sophistication and quality embedded into its processes. First, extensive use of camera motion is utilized. Second, scene changes happen rapidly, usually no longer than five seconds elapse before there’s a change in camera angle or scene. Third, compositional optics such as depth of field and cinematic looks are much more in play. Typically, I will refer to these types of films as movies and the category described above as videos. Again however, both terms are often used in the wider sense as well.

Movies Have More Quality But Cost More

With Cinema and movies, more sophistication in telling the story captivates the audience more effectively. Therefore, storyboarding and careful pre-production planning can effectively aid in this process. Additionally, dynamic camera motion using sliders, jib cranes, and steady cams make the action much more interesting to the viewer. Similarly, widely varied camera angles, and fields of view (super-wide, wide, medium, tight, close-up and super close-up) make the movie more interesting. Finally, compositional elements such as variation of color temperature and lighting also lend more mood and feel to a movie. In my mind, videography is more “event” focused, whereas cinematography is much more about telling a story.

Audio Quality is Higher

Another important quality component of movies pertains to audio. No doubt the higher attention given to producing higher quality audio and sound effects make a dramatic difference in the viewing experience. As a result, shotgun mics on boom stands or use of a boom operator are often employed. Also, recording into specialized digital recorders for syncing to the motion track in post-production is normal. Thus, this results in higher quality audio for the movie as opposed to simple video. Lastly, editing and post-processing is a major focus. Ultimately, how the movie is edited in post-production brings a higher-quality and cinematic feel to the movie, as well as having more extensive intro titles and rolling credits at the end. All of these factors drive up the costs of producing cinematic movies, even if they are “movie shorts” lasting from three to eight minutes.


Lastly, Motion describes films or segments of films chiefly focused upon such movies or video that move! Recordings such as time-lapse; time-lapse with motion; slideshows; animation; or short clips that feature a lot of camera movement and action. These videos or movies (they can be either) utilize dynamic motion-control devices such as sliders, jib cranes, dollies, quadcopters, and so forth. Sometimes “motion” is a stand-alone project, other times it’s simply a part of a larger film project (such as, “Let’s put some dynamic motion into this scene!”). It is also true that “motion” can mean all of the three categories I just described (for example, the menu tab for this website page), so in a very real sense “motion” has both a macro and a micro definition. 

Event & Wedding Videographer - Natchez MS

Two Left Images – Photo Credit: Pam Swayze (Crew On-Location at Windsor Ruins)

Right Image: DSLR mounted on a Slider while filming at Arlington, Natchez.

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