Commercial Photography in Natchez MS

Commercial Photographer Natchez MS

Our image of the famous and popular “Nettie Cake” at Natchez Coffee Company on Franklin Street in Natchez!

Commercial Photographer Natchez MS


Commercial photography in Natchez presents a wide array of interesting outlets. For example, food, product and editorial photography are but a few of these. Interestingly, they are among the many commercial photography categories we offer our clients. Furthermore, these and more are ways we at Michael Chapman Studios (MCS) help Natchez – Vidalia area businesses and organizations capture their image needs.

A core principle of ours is to offer truly unique images! Ultimately, this is done in order to help you promote your business or organization more effectively. Finally, to accomplish this we focus on quality and creativity throughout the entire image-making process.

Additionally, by image making, we also mean videography and cinematography, not just still photography. Truly, we at MCS are dedicated to offering Natchez area businesses outstanding quality and value!

Commercial photography ranges from headshot portraits of owners and employees to product. Our unique talent is to capture product photos in a way that bring out the best of your particular product line. Similarly, our images of your products will capture the attention of your target market!


Event & Editorial Photography

Commercial Photography Natchez MS

A cover image we were assigned to provide for The Vidalian Magazine featuring country music artist Ronnie Calhoun, shot on location along the banks of the Mississippi River.

Another common category of commercial photography is event photography. To that end, we have covered many, many events. These include Food & Wine Festivals for Visit Natchez, Balloon Races for the City of Vidalia, and even the 50th Jubilee of a Catholic Priest! We know what it takes to get “the shot in the moment” and can catalog your event in stunning fashion.

Editorial photography is one of our favorite styles of photography. If you have a story you wish to have illustrated with images, we can deliver. We know what it means to shoot to a layout and leave whatever empty space you need for your text. Have a cover that needs to be shot? No problem, we can make a stunning cover image for your story.


Our passion is to provide unique images and angles that others often overlook. To that end, one unique piece of image gear we have is a professional level drone. Furthermore, this drone captures high definition images from elevated angles to give your image an edge that your competitors don’t have!


Ultimately, whenever you need a commercial photographer in Natchez MS, contact us and we will deliver!

Nurse’s Creative Headshot Portraits!

Nurse’s Creative Headshots Session!

Natchez Portrait Photographer - Creative Commercial Photographer

R.N. Tye Murray in a creative portrait!

When nurse Tye Murray contacted us for headshots, we were quickly becoming excited. Furthermore, as Tye began to describe for us the variety of images she was going for, it gave us creative ideas. Tye also writes about nursing and medical issues. Thus, in addition to a range of professional headshots, she was also wanting a few images that would supplement her writing in creative ways.

During pre-session consultations with Tye, WE WERE LISTENING CLOSELY. Importantly, our focus upon what she wanted for her images’ end usage is crucial to how we create portraits. In addition, we honed-in on the style and feel of the images she was hoping to get. Significantly, listening to our clients’ wishes and truly understanding their goals for their images is a CORE VALUE of our photography and imaging studio. 

Our Subject-Centered Approach is Unique!

Natchez Portrait Photographer - Creative Commercial Photographer

Shown here: Tye in a more traditional headshot but one with a unique-colored backdrop.

Importantly, our first goal is to clearly understand what clients like Tye are wanting. Consequently, that informs HOW we go about accomplishing their goals. Frankly, that’s an inverse approach to what happens with many portrait photographers. Too often, photographers will fit a client’s wishes into their own stricter template of image creation. 

Instead, our approach is a “subject-centered” one that truly begins with our client. First, we learn who they are and how they naturally express themselves. Second, we focus upon what they are passionate about. In this process we learn much about how to create their images unique to them. Of course, we guide them with creative and innovative suggestions. The point is, this process and approach makes for a truly collaborative effort. This approach is centered upon capturing them as unique individuals expressing their unique personality. As a result, photographs done in such a way can become precious pieces of image-art. Ultimately, Tye’s images capture her in a moment of her life that can be treasured and passed down!



Passing On the Latest Hot Trends To Locals!

The image directly above is a classic headshot. However, what is unusual is the “cocoa” background. Notably, this particular background was chosen for Tye due to her blonde hair and light-colored sweater. Furthermore, cocoa backdrops are more popular in other parts of the country but have not been utilized much locally. Finally, we keep a keen eye on the latest portrait trends so Natchez – Vidalia residents look their best!

We can help you with creative portraits of yourself, or with commercial photography for your business. Contact us for a free consultation!

“Creating Images That Tell Amazing Stories!”

Natchez Portrait Photographer – Creative Commercial Photographer

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Natchez Photographer & Trinity Episcopal Homecoming

Natchez Photographer – Portrait Photographer

Natchez Photographer - Portrait Photographer

Leeah Corley



Just a few days before the Trinity Episcopal High School Homecoming, we received a communication from the headmaster. Alarmingly, the scheduled photographer had backed out and she asked if we could take the Homecoming Court’s portraits on short-notice. They had no one to take professional quality portraits of their ladies! As parents ourselves, we fully understand how important this event is for teens and their parents. Additionally, these “life moments” are truly something they will remember for the rest of their lives. It’s our passion to capture these moments with quality, creativity and storytelling. We rearranged our schedule and made it happen.



Life is Flying By – Let Us Help You Capture It!

I think you will agree with me that life goes by so very quickly. Often, we intend to do things that will capture those moments that are so fleeting, but almost as often it just never seems to get done. That’s where we excel! We can help you as parents to capture the important life moments, seasons, holidays and family events that are important to you. Furthermore, we do so at the highest quality and at very reasonable cost.

Maura Stump


We feel very strongly that local Natchez-Vidalia families and businesses will appreciate another option for highly creative photographs, videos, and images. Furthermore, our option provides three important features. First, we create images that are made with exceptional quality. We’ve invested in some of the finest camera, lens and lighting equipment available today to make your portraits “pop!” Secondly, we create “subject-centered” images that truly focus on and capture the person that is the subject of the photograph or video. Our mission is to bring out your personality and make you look unique to you, rather than fit you into our mold. Third, we provide this at the lowest possible cost in order to save you money. Admittedly, portraits and prints can be very expensive. Therefore, we are committed to making your package as affordable as possible!




Finally, we enjoyed being able to step in and take care of Trinity’s Homecoming portraits. Additionally, we went the extra mile by attending the game later that evening and taking photographs of the game as well as the halftime ceremony.


The images in this story are but a few of the portraits that can be found within the GALLERY. To see all of the available images, click on the link directly above! 

Katie Borum

Natchez Photographer - Portrait Photographer

Anna Rodriquez

Cecile Crocquet

Natchez Photographer - Portrait Photographer

JaMescya Queen



KaLeigh Davidson and her Dad



Michael Chapman Studios are photographers & videographers serving the individuals, families and businesses of the Natchez, MS & Vidalia, LA area. We also offer web design & graphic design services.







Architectural Photographer Natchez MS

Architectural Photographer Natchez MS

Taken in shadow, these three arched windows in a Church at Rodney, MS make for a powerful architectural image.

Architectural Photographer Natchez MS

When it comes to photographing and videoing architecture, properties and structures, no one is more qualified than us!


Uniquely Qualified!

As someone involved in the building and remodeling trades for four decades, Mike is uniquely qualified. Growing up around uncles and a parent who was skilled at carpentry, he excelled in the trade. In high school, Mike won architectural drawing awards in his Junior and Senior years. After high school, he majored in architecture at LSU. Accordingly, his first major project was to design a Church sanctuary in Natchez. Mike completed the design, and also helped to build it. As a result, today it sits at the corner of Melrose-Montebello Parkway and Fatherland Road. He was nineteen years old at the time.

Since that time, he continued to build and remodel homes and businesses in the Natchez area. Ultimately, Mike’s signature project was the total restoration of an antebellum plantation home in Jefferson County. Moreover, this restoration won the Heritage Award in 2010 for the State of Mississippi. Additionally, Laurietta Plantation was featured in Country Living magazine in 2010.


Outstanding Pro-Level Equipment to Capture Architectural Photographs and Video

Obviously someone with that amount of in-depth knowledge of buildings and structures knows how to photograph them. Furthermore, our equipment is tailor-made for optimized architectural images. Additionally earlier this year we added a professional level aerial drone. This allows us to further expand our capability to provide awesome photos and video. Recently, we’ve completed several projects involving architectural images. These include Dozer Inc, who contracted us to take their images after they built the Bridge of Sighs over Roth’s Hill Road. Second, Natchez, Inc. hired us to record a property they are helping to develop. Third, United Mississippi Bank contracted with us to take images of all of their branch locations for their new website.


If you are looking for a local photographer to take still photos or video of interiors, exteriors or properties, there is no one better than us! You can reach Mike at 601-597-3762 to schedule a consultation.


Natchez Website Designer & Web Design Specialists

Natchez Website Designer, Web Design, SEO

Adobe Illustrator is just one of the many awesome design tools we have available in the process of designing your site.

Natchez Website Designer, Web Design, SEO

Does your current website really have the impact that you wish it did? If not, then we can provide the perfect solution for your site to get it where you want it to be!


Presently, there aren’t many choices in Natchez & Vidalia when it comes to local solutions for website service. As a result, many Natchez-Vidalia area businesses have to find providers who are far away. Thus, it becomes a problem to have questions answered quickly and have timely tweaks done to their site. Alternatively, they turn to online template-style sites that are okay, but simply don’t offer a personal feel to them. Regrettably, these solutions put you literally in a box that leaves your site feeling a bit “canned.” Or, to make a change you have to call a 1-800 number and plow through a frustrating wait time. Well, it simply doesn’t have to be that way.


Ask Yourself:

First, wouldn’t it be nice to have a local provider who can design your website the way you want it?

Second, how about being able to sit down at a table and discuss design ideas, color and text palettes, and image choices with a real human being that lives right here?

Third, wouldn’t it be nice to pick up your cell phone and call one of us directly when you have a question or need something for your site?

Fourth, how about being able to look at your site in amazement, knowing that your site is professional, sleek and functional, and has WOW! factors that your competitors’ sites do not?!


Natchez Website Designer, Web Design, SEO

This image is what’s called the “Backend” of a website. It’s the control panel one uses to build, delete or make changes to an existing site that is live. It looks scary, but we can teach you how to easily make changes to your own site. This particular CMS (Content Management System) is WordPress – THE most widely used system worldwide for building amazing websites! You would have access to this CMS for YOUR site!

Our Services To The Rescue!

We are the solution to all four of those issues above and much more! Located in Natchez, we grew up here and live here. Thus, we are certainly dedicated to seeing your local business grow and flourish! We can help you pick a domain name or transfer your current domain. Additionally, we can design your site, tailor-made with amazing graphics and visual effects. Also, we can optimize your site for search engines to index, such as Google, Bing, Yelp, and Yahoo and about a dozen other listing services. That way, your site shows up high in local and organic searches.


We can set-up your website and get it going, and then show you how to change content (and prices if it’s an ECommerce site). Or, we can set it up and also manage it. We can even provide consultation about your overall marketing and advertising strategy, and discuss your business image and branding. How much we provide going forward is up to you!


Moreover, because we are a complete media services provider, we can take stunning, tailor-made photographs and/or video for your site of your products, your location, and you and your employees!


Ultimately, if you want a website for your LOCAL business that is on-par with what you see online nationally at some of the amazing sites you visit, then call us for a consultation on how we can take your business to the next level!

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A Wedding Story – Told In 25 Images

Leibfritz Wedding Photography in Natchez

Will Leibfritz and Stephanie Fradella’s beautiful wedding ceremony took place at St. Mary Basilica. Accordingly, husband and wife along with Will’s son Cody enjoyed an amazing time surrounded by family, friends and loved ones. We were blessed with the opportunity to meet them and to capture for all time their precious memories of that day.


This is their STORY told in images. Moreover, for this article it is limited to just 25 photographs selected for their variety rather than only traditional wedding shots.

A Grand Beginning

Leibfritz Wedding Photography in NatchezFirst, the day began at the Natchez Grand Hotel where the large wedding party had booked all their rooms. With nine bridesmaids and nine groomsmen, there were plenty of helping hands. As always, the ladies went one direction and the men another. No doubt each had their duties in getting ready for the big event. Meanwhile, the typical “getting ready” shot involves the makeup artist andLeibfritz Wedding Photography in Natchez bride.

However, moving to my right I was also able to capture a shot of Stephanie in silhouette. Going with the darker theme of a silhouette, I rendered the image in black and white during retouching. Just a simple way to give her options for her photo album.


The Dress

Leibfritz Wedding Photography in NatchezThen, there was the absolutely beautiful wedding dress on a personalized hanger. Shot from many angles, this particular photo shows a close-up. The ribbon was color coordinated with the ladies’ dresses.

As one might expect, the men got ready a bit Leibfritz Wedding Photography in Natchezmore quickly than the ladies. We captured them on the stairs as they left their rooms to head down toward the Basilica.


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Next, the men left for the next stop along the journey, which was to take place at Memorial Park. Meanwhile, Leibfritz Wedding Photography in Natchezthe ladies took a brief detour at the hotel’s bar to have some fun! No doubt, this group was a blast and full of hilarious energy. Check out their sassy poses!

Then, there are the rings. Before we left the hotel I seized the opportunity to take a creative ring shot utilizing the bridal bouquet. I carry a number of lenses, one of which is a 105mm prime macro lens. Consequently, this lens may double for ring shots or asLeibfritz Wedding Photography in Natchez a great portrait lens. However, without a tripod it takes a steady hand to get tack sharp images. 


Memorial Park

The bountiful wedding party gathered at well-known Memorial Park behind the Basilica for several shots, including the first look and some group photos. It was very cold that Leibfritz Wedding Photography in Natchezday, but everyone held up very well and we were able to get some great images. Just after the first look, the couple embraced and the moment was captured. Some of the family and friends can be seen in the background giving them their space.


Next, Stephanie invited Will under the veil for a kiss! It was obvious they were having a great time and enjoying every moment of the rapidly moving events of the day.Leibfritz Wedding Photography in Natchez


Dad & Bride Plus Others

Leibfritz Wedding Photography in NatchezAt this point, several hundred photos were taken of various groups of the wedding party. One favorite of ours is a fun shot of Stephanie with her father. The photo tells a great story about their love and their enjoyment of this time!


How about this shot when Stephanie and Will caught Cody in a kiss sandwich! Leibfritz Wedding Photography in NatchezThis was a fun idea that we discussed long before the day when we were putting together a creative shot list. Many times shots are planned, but for various reasons do not work well. In my opinion, this one came off perfectly!


We then all moved inside the Basilica’s basement to warm up and make ready for the actual ceremony. One of my favorite photos of the entire day is a candid shot of one of Leibfritz Wedding Photography in Natchezthe bridesmaids with her daughter. The expression of the child’s face is simply priceless!



The Ceremony Begins!



Finally, it came time for the wedding itself. The huge doors swung open and all the friends and family were waiting inside. Leibfritz Wedding Photography in NatchezFather O’Connor presided over the ceremony, which in Roman Catholic tradition is a Sacrament. As the ushers hold open the literal doors, Stephanie walks through, entering a new stage of her life. Her father escorts her to the altar, arm in arm.


Leibfritz Wedding Photography in NatchezOne by one the bridesmaids also enter, until all nine of them are also at the altar. Here, Cody makes his walk along with another family relative.


At this point, the vows are being exchanged.Leibfritz Wedding Photography in Natchez I took an opportunity to capture this shot of the ladies watching intently.



At the Altar & After Shots

Inevitably, the moment came and Will & Stephanie became man and wife. All during the ceremony and throughout the day, my second shooter and I took over 5,000 images! That’s a lot to edit and select Leibfritz Wedding Photography in Natchezfrom. This photo was shot vertically rather than horizontally, as many angles were explored. St. Mary Basilica is stunningly beautiful, I think you will agree.


Directly after, the newly formed family posed Leibfritz Wedding Photography in Natchezfor a photograph with Father O’Connor.


Next, several images of the various groups were taken until we arrived at the shot of everyone gathered together at the altar. This photograph illustrates this large and loving family.



Leibfritz Wedding Photography in Natchez



Cel-e-brate Good Times – C’Mon!

Another couple of fun shots came next, the first being one with Cody. Leibfritz Wedding Photography in NatchezIt seems there’s a whole lot of celebration about to go on!



Finally, as they left the Church on the way to the Reception, the massive party jumped for joy on Leibfritz Wedding Photography in Natchezthe steps outside! I have viewed this photograph many times. I can’t help but be amazed at the expression and gesture of each and every person. The little boy on the bottom right is almost flying! Also, I love the girl in the middle who has her hands outwardly expressed as if to say, “I can’t believe it!”





The couple load up in a horse-drawn carriage and head to The Natchez Community Center for the reception. Leibfritz Wedding Photography in Natchez





Let’s Get This Party Started!


Finally, they can all let their hair down and enjoy themselves! Here’s a shot of the first dance, featuring Stephanie and Will.


Leibfritz Wedding Photography in Natchez



Next, everyone hit the floors for a grand ole time! Saturday night dancing style!Leibfritz Wedding Photography in Natchez





The Final Photos

In the midst of taking all those thousands of shots, I came across Cody. He seemed tired, but very, very happy. I love this shot of a little Leibfritz Wedding Photography in Natchezboy just before becoming a teenager, seeing the adults he loves most join in Holy union with one another. He was just off to the side soaking it all in. How special a boy! We spoke a bit about his experience on this day, and he posed for this photo.




The ladies … remember how good a time they were having earlier? Well, it just continued. Here, they are gathered around one of the cakes having a blast.Leibfritz Wedding Photography in Natchez






Photograph Number 25 …


Last but not least I leave you with a photo of just the three, now united. Stephanie, Will and Cody Leibfritz. Their story continues!

Leibfritz Wedding Photography in Natchez

The End … or rather The Beginning!